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Charles E. Traylor
Columbus, Ohio


Violence Prevention Education

The cycle of violence has as many on-ramps as it has exits. The difficulty for most young people is, they are born into it and, therefore, have no choice early on. The cycle of violence can and must be broken where it exits in a child's life.

It starts with the things that are said to a child, when they are as young as a one-year-old. They are told to shut up, be quiet. As they begin to crawl and walk, they are called names that cut through their hearts. The child hears and sees violence on regular basis, to the extent that, they see it as normal behavior and not as violence.

This child with its scarred heart and learned behavior begins to hurt other people. A good example of the cycle of violence: dad is chewed out by his boss, he chews out his wife, she chews out the kids, they chew out the dog/cat. Thus the violence cycle. Homes where alcohol/drugs are consumed perpetuate the cycle. Breaking the cycle of violence, begins with changing attitudes/that changes behaviors.

Sincerest regards,

Charles Traylor
Consultant/Trainer/Program Developer


Target Groups:

  • Youth: 11 - 18 years (male/female)
  • Adult: 19 years + (male/female)

Workshops and Presentations For:

  • Teachers and Administrators
  • Adult/Juvenile Correction Facilities
  • Community Based Correction Facilities
  • Alcohol/Drug Prevention and Treatment
  • Youth Serving Organizations
  • School-Based Program (curriculum)
  • Church - Youth Groups
  • Individual/Family Consultations


All training sessions are guaranteed to enlighten the participants by helping them understand and recognize personal/interpersonal attitudes, belief and behaviors that perpetuate violence and to be able to demonstrate skills of an effective ally for both targets and perpetrators of violence.

For additional information about Ohio Violence Prevention Academy training programs for your business, church, school or youth organization, call (614) 899-1156.