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Charles E. Traylor
Columbus, Ohio


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Charles Traylor Violence Prevention Workshops and Presentations Columbus Ohio

A native of Youngstown, Ohio, Charles E. Traylor is the founder of Generation to Generation: Breaking the Cycle of Violence. From 2004-2008 Charles served as Dean of Discipline at George Washington Carver Preparatory Academy. Currently, Traylor is serving in the capacity of Family Education and Resource Coordinator, Premier Academy in Columbus, Ohio. Charles Traylor is no stranger to the central Ohio community. He is a former talk show host and radio personality for WVKO radio.

A noted motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and certified violence prevention educator, Traylor has conducted violence prevention workshops and training classes throughout the state of Ohio. Mr. Traylor has numerous years of experience in the field of violence prevention, having served as a probation officer for the Franklin County juvenile court system where he worked with gang members and offenders with suspended commitments. It is Traylor’s belief that if you want to change someone’s behavior, you have to modify his belief system.