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Charles E. Traylor
Columbus, Ohio


Ohio Violence Prevention Academy Workshops

Workshops are designed to the need of your business, church, school or youth organization. The workshop goal is to change the thinking of participants by getting them involved in the workshops and its activities.

Workshops can be done in a one, three or five day format. You determine the need of your people and we will provide the workshops to suit that need.


Workshop Titles

You Can't Bully Me!

Participants will learn the following:

  • Recognize, Refuse and Report bullying, harassment and intimidation behavior safely
  • Examine the harmful affects of bullying behavior and how it hurts everyone
  • Understand the role of the bystander and the importance in stopping bullying behavior
  • Examine the difference between play fighting vs. bullying
  • Understand the difference between snitching and reporting
  • Learn how to use simple strategies in facing bullying behavior when confronted; even when you are afraid
  • Develop non-violent anti-bullying techniques that diffuse bullying behavior

The participants will also have opportunities to participate in role plays, games, fun activities and exercises related to the topic. Completion of this program will enable participants to be equipped to handle incidences of bullying, harassment and intimidation non-violently; which leads toward the goal of making each classroom, school and our community bully free. At the conclusion of the camp each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

The systematic day to day abuse, neglect and mistreatment of young people, by adults; This workshop will explore and uncover the truth as it relates to the power imbalance adults have over youth. It will tell the truth about violence and power. It will show adults how they can be allies to young people by, shifting their emphasis to raising their self-esteem to, increasing their power.
Male/Female Socialization
This workshop will explore how male/females are socialized into violence. Participants will learn how the cycle of violence begins with children and can follow them into their adult lives if, the cycle of violence is not broken.
It’s All About Power
This workshop analyzes social power relations in the united states through a series of exercises which demonstrate how power differences affect us, how they create conditions conducive to violence.
Unlearning racism - racism is institutional. This workshop focuses on looking at power imbalances and alliances across racial and cultural lines.
Sexism is the system of attitudes, assumptions, actions, and institutions which makes women vulnerable to violence and subject to discrimination and disrespect. This workshop will uncover the truth and assumptions about the systemic disrespect.
Ally Building/Action Plan
This workshop will present to the participants, the heavy lifting that is needed to build alliances against the institutionalized, group or individual violence.


Target Groups:

  • Youth: 11 - 18 years (male/female)
  • Adult: 19 years + (male/female)

Workshops Available For:

  • Teachers and Administrators
  • Adult/Juvenile Correction Facilities
  • Community Based Correction Facilities
  • Alcohol/Drug Prevention and Treatment
  • Youth Serving Organizations
  • School-Based Program (curriculum)
  • Church - Youth Groups
  • Individual/Family Consultations


Workshop cost is based on the number of days and workshops given.

For more information about our workshops and how you can sponsor one for your business, church, school or youth organization, call (614) 899-1156.